Wednesday, March 26, 2014

el 26 de marzo del 2014

Detalles del proyecto Señorita/Señorito Sabelotodo:

Followed directions = 10 points
Neatness = 20 points
Creativity = 20 points
Correct Vocab = 20 points
Correct Grammar = 30 points

Friday, March 21, 2014

el 21 de marzo

Afterwards, we will go over the project 'Señorito Sabelotodo' or 'Señorita Sabelotodo'.
*Write veinte sentences en español using Rule #B, the Simple Future, of the 'Ir' notes.
*Each sentence must have different time periods.
*Each sentence must have different infinitives.
*Each conjugation must be used at least tres times each.
*No repeats of subjects except for the 'yo' form.
*On non-lined papel.
*No handwriting.
*Must be neat.
*Must be creative.
*The more creative and neat, the better the grade.
*This is for a NON-DROPPABLE summative.
*Due el 27 de marzo