Thursday, May 22, 2014

el 22 de mayo del 2014

Nani C. = Carne guisada = Wes
Rosie = tostones = Cameron
= boiled yucca or yautía = Irvin
Pearline = habichuelas (frijoles a la charra) = Jimmy
Brandon = horchata = Mi’Kiara
Isaiah= mofongo = Yana
Tay = Aguas frescas de coco = X’Zavier
Troy= Aguas frescas de sandía = Jayonn
Esme = enchiladas de pollo = Taylor
Carlos= flan = Priscilla
Gemma = tres leches = Adreanna
Kamryn = arroz con gandules = Briana D.
Trajan = Enchiladas de res = O’shea
= frijoles revueltos = Caitlin
Brian = churros = Briana B.
Rudy = guacamole = Milan
Caleb = tembleque = Ethan
Victor = arroz con dulce = McKenna
Gregorio = budín = Jamari
Dee = empanadas de res = Nani H.
Noah S.= tacos con Carne de res = Frederick
Trent = arroz con pollo = Bryan
James = buñuelos = Angelina
Alex = carne con chile = Shannon
= carnitas = Kyleigh
= carne asada = Sedderian
= escabeche = Tany
= agua fresca de fresas = Kayla

1st sentence = State name in Spanish in a full, complete sentence.
2nd = Introduce dish.
3rd = I made this with main ingredients.
4th = Opinion if you like it or not and why.
5th = If you want to make it again and why

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

el 6 de mayo del 2014


Albums due 5/8
Pictures due 5/15
Sentences en español due 5/22
Project due 5/29

All checkpoints count for non-droppable formatives.
They are also 6 points of the final grade.

The remaining points are as follows:

25 = Creativity
30 = Neatness
  9 = Embellishments
30 = Grammar
  6 = Checkpoints
  0 = Extra Mile (dependent on how far your mile goes)
100 = Total

Monday, May 5, 2014

el 5 de mayo de 2014

El Proyecto Final

Due May 29

Yo Era Así Cuando Era Joven...

You are to create a scrapbook of your youth until present.
In this scrapbook, you will have actual pictures of yourself.
These pictures start when you were born until present.
For each of these pictures, you will have a caption in Spanish describing the details of the picture.
This must be neatly done.
You will be graded on that neatness along with creativity, accuracy of grammar and vocabulary, as well as completion on all parts.
You must present this in a book/scrapbook format.
You have a minimum of 24 pages to complete.
You must have the following tenses used:
*Three of the Imperfect.
*Three of the Preterite.
*Three of the Affirmative 'Tú' commands.
*Three of the Negative 'Tú' commands.
*Three of the Ud. Commands.
*Three of the Uds. Commands.
*Three of the Present tense.
*One of the Simple Future.
*One of the Present Progressive.
*One of the Future Tense.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

el 26 de marzo del 2014

Detalles del proyecto Señorita/Señorito Sabelotodo:

Followed directions = 10 points
Neatness = 20 points
Creativity = 20 points
Correct Vocab = 20 points
Correct Grammar = 30 points

Friday, March 21, 2014

el 21 de marzo

Afterwards, we will go over the project 'Señorito Sabelotodo' or 'Señorita Sabelotodo'.
*Write veinte sentences en español using Rule #B, the Simple Future, of the 'Ir' notes.
*Each sentence must have different time periods.
*Each sentence must have different infinitives.
*Each conjugation must be used at least tres times each.
*No repeats of subjects except for the 'yo' form.
*On non-lined papel.
*No handwriting.
*Must be neat.
*Must be creative.
*The more creative and neat, the better the grade.
*This is for a NON-DROPPABLE summative.
*Due el 27 de marzo

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

el 3-7 de febrero del 2014

lunes:  Bell ringer: You will receive your grades sheets for the nine weeks, get papers back, correct any that need correction, and get back group project grades.

Lección: In order for you to effectively communicate in Spanish, we have to learn some critical verbs that will assist you when you speak.

Just like in inglés, we use pronombres to avoid repetition of nouns. Well, we have already learned subject pronombres, now it is time to move onto Direct and Indirect Object pronouns.

In order to do this, we will make sure you understand what those parts of speech are in inglés first and then we will move onto español. 

Hoy, we are going to start in la sección de gramática con "Los Verbos Irregulares en la Forma de 'Yo'".
You will take notes

Tarea: Estudien

Reminders: Substituta el miércoles.
Prueba del vocabulario el jueves.
Tienen que entregar los proyectos el viernes (español I).

martesBell Ringer: We will continue with the CHOPS VDVD TST en español I. 

Lección: In order to better help you memorize and work with these verbos, we will work on tactics to commit the information to your memory.
We will add some notes pertaining to these verbs.
Afterwards, you will write 12 sentences using these verbos along with other vocabulario that you have already learned.

Tarea: If you did not finish the sentences...

Reminders: Substituta mañana.
Prueba del vocabulario el jueves.
Tienen que entregar los proyectos el viernes (español I).

miércolesBell Ringer

Lección: SUB = worksheets for pds 2-4 and translations of the airport skits for pds. 6&7.


Reminders: Substituta hoy.
Prueba del vocabulario mañana.
Tienen que entregar los proyectos el viernes (español I).

juevesBell Ringer: Estudien por diez minutos.

Lección: Primero la prueba del vocabulario.
Segundo, en español I, Uds. van a terminar el trabajo de ayer con la substituta.

En español II, vamos a continuar con los pronombres de los objetos directos. 


Prueba del vocabulario hoy.
Tienen que entregar los proyectos mañana (español I).

viernesBell Ringer: Tie up any loose ends on your projects while we do humor Friday.




Thursday, January 30, 2014

el 28-31 de enero del 2014

lunes:  Bell Ringer: Día de fiesta para los estudiantes

martesBell Ringer: Rules over watching the project videos.

Lección: Hoy, vamos a ver los videos de los proyectos de todas las clases. (We were supposed to watch these on viernes but we had a snow day.)

miércolesBell Ringer: Why are we learning what we are learning?

Lección: Vamos a practicar la pronunciación del vocabulario and we will breakdown some of the word origins.

Tarea: Español II = labeling packet due mañana.

Reminders: If you missed last miércoles or jueves, you are losing time on the make-uop work. See me after class to get it.
Substituta next miércoles.

juevesBell Ringer: Saquen el vocabulario. We are doing this so you know how to say the words when you are having that conversation starter of, "How's the weather?" en español.

Entreguen la tarea.

Lección: Vamos a practicar identificando fotos con las palabras de la unidad. Es para una calificación.
Uds. van a hacer el papel en la clase con un compañero

Tarea: Estudien

Reminders:  If you missed last miércoles or jueves, you are losing time on the make-up work. See me after class to get it.
Substituta next miércoles.
Prueba over the vocabulario el próximo jueves.

viernesBell Ringer: Today, you are preparing for a proyecto that will help you with a future meteorologist in a Spanish speaking country.

LecciónDetallesName = ¿Qué Tiempo Hace?
What = a wacky weather forecast for the seven days of the week ( a different weather phrase each day) for a non-droppable summative, due viernes, el 7 de febrero.

How = On non-lined 8.5X11" paper
With color
Neatly done 
Draw a picture for each day of the week denoting the weather for the day (snow one day, hot the next) 
Label each picture with the phrase that corresponds
Write the temperature phrase for the weather for the day (Make sure the temperature makes sense for the weather phrase.)
Days of the week start on Monday and are lower case.
All the writing must be done in Spanish. 
Numbers do not have to be spelled out. 
Extra credit for doing the temperature in Celsius in addition to the F. 

Tarea: Proyecto

Reminders:  If you missed last miércoles or jueves, you are losing time on the make-up work. See me after class to get it.
Substituta next miércoles.
Prueba over the vocabulario el próximo jueves.

Monday, January 13, 2014

la semana de 13-17 de enero del 2014

Remember that postings will be different from now on.

Projects for the "One Semester of Spanish Love Song" video are due tomorrow as detailed in class last Monday.
It is a non-droppable summative.

You were given choices as a class on how this would be done:

2nd period, singing with own voices, video recorded, with a partner self-chosen in class.
3rd period, singing with own voices, video recorded, with a partner self-chosen in class.
4th period, lip-synch, individually, video recorded.
6th period, change words, with a group assigned, video recorded.
7th period, change words, with a group assigned, to be performed live in class.

Rubric for periods 2,3,6

Music/Tune = 15 points
Props           = 20 points
Video          = 20 points
Acting         = 15 points
Pronunciation/Accuracy = 30 points

Rubric for period 4

Music           = 20 points
Props            = 30 points
Video           = 35 points
Acting          = 15 points

Rubric for period 7

Music/Tune = 20 points
Props           = 25 points
Acting         = 25 points
Pronunciation/Accuracy = 35 points

martes: español I Bell ringer: With the speed dating information, you are to write 20 different sentences. The way you are to do this is the following:

1. You are to escribir about 10 individual compañeros stating what he/she likes. You are to use the format:
     * A _______ le gusta(n) ....... (whichever answer you choose to write.)

2. You are to then escribir 10 oraciones about two people who like the same thing.
     * A _______ y a ______ les gusta(n) ___________.

Make sure you escribir usando bolígrafo.

While you do this, I will collect the videos.

español II: Bell Ringer: Contesta las preguntas en español con frases completas:

1.  ¿A qué hora te despiertas?
2. ¿Con qué te desayunas?
3. ¿Te maquillas?
4. ¿Con qué maquillaje te maquillas o por qué no te maquillas?
5. ¿Cuándo te duchas/bañas?
6. ¿Te afeitas la barba o las piernas?
7. ¿Te cepillas los dientes por la noche?
8. ¿Cuál pasta de dientes usas?
9. ¿A qué hora te acuestas?
10. ¿Te duermes rapidamente cuándo te acuestas?

Cuando están haciendo ésto, yo cogeré los video de la sexta hora.
La séptima hora van a empezar ésto después de las canciones. Si no terminas antes del final de la clase, hazlo para la tarea.

miércoles: español II: Escriban diez oraciones diciéndome que hacen sus compañeros de clase con la información de la actividad de ayer y hoy. Cinco de las oraciones tienen que ser de estudiantes individuales en la clase. Las otros cinco tienen que ser de personas plurales. Es para una calificación.

jueves: Exámenes en español I y II.

viernes: vocabulario en español I y II.