Monday, May 5, 2014

el 5 de mayo de 2014

El Proyecto Final

Due May 29

Yo Era Así Cuando Era Joven...

You are to create a scrapbook of your youth until present.
In this scrapbook, you will have actual pictures of yourself.
These pictures start when you were born until present.
For each of these pictures, you will have a caption in Spanish describing the details of the picture.
This must be neatly done.
You will be graded on that neatness along with creativity, accuracy of grammar and vocabulary, as well as completion on all parts.
You must present this in a book/scrapbook format.
You have a minimum of 24 pages to complete.
You must have the following tenses used:
*Three of the Imperfect.
*Three of the Preterite.
*Three of the Affirmative 'Tú' commands.
*Three of the Negative 'Tú' commands.
*Three of the Ud. Commands.
*Three of the Uds. Commands.
*Three of the Present tense.
*One of the Simple Future.
*One of the Present Progressive.
*One of the Future Tense.


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